Dj Jakob Domino

Jakob Domino

A workstation in musical unfoldment. Jakob's story starts as the music-interested boy and continues through his work in the record stores HMV, Street Dance Records and of course as a DJ - a vocation that he cultivates and masters.

Søndag d. 4/9 Kl. 13.00-15.00

The list of performances as a DJ is long and includes everything from Roskilde festival to SMUK Fest in Skanderborg.

The interest in electronic music has also thrown off music productions. Among other things. “Ryges Havedub” with friendly use of Søren Ryges vocals and the friends project Fire Slag with broadcast of LP.

Jakob plays annually for the Copenhagen chill & house event "Kaj - your friend in the sun", but has throughout the year, set the musical mood at the art museum Aros roof terrace, the newly built harbour bath in Aarhus and Raves in disused industrial buildings.

The charismatic gentleman has history in order and his happy and welcoming nature has brought him many friends and contacts in the music community, including on the dance floor.